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September is


With summer just about in the review mirror, it's time to start thinking about protecting your customer's flatwork projects with a high-quality coat of sealer, just in time for the winter months.


We manufacture a full line of protective sealer products, available in a variety of formulas, sheens, and colors to match any client's specifications. 


Check out some of our most popular products, below:

TK Container - TK 290 Final Seal.png

Penetrating Sealers

Invisible, non-film forming, penetrating, water and chemical resistance

  • TK-190

  • TK-290

  • TK-290 Final Seal

  • TK Siloxane Dye

16-0004-023.V2 CS 250 - 5 Gallon - Steel - CONTAINER N PHOTO.png

Curing and Sealing

Acrylic, film-forming with abrasion resistance. Provides a glossy or matte finish


  • SureCrete CS 250

  • TK AS-30 Achro Seal

  • TK Bright Kure & seal

  • TK Kure & Seal 1315

Fused Stain 1 Gallon Can Mockup - Aspen Gray.png

Decorative Coatings and Finishes

Clear or colored, film-forming to enhance and protect decorative concrete surfaces


  • CCI Fused Solid Color Stain

  • CCI SuperSeal 2000

  • CCI Gemkote

  • SureCrete DK 400WB

  • SureCrete Super 20

  • TK Bright Seal

  • TK Bright Glaze

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